There have been so many different changes in my life especially over the last few years. When I look back I wonder how am I holding it all together? and how am I so calm? and how am I still happy and smiling? One word… PIVOT! I have pivoted countless times in so many different directions that you would honestly think I was a country line dancer.  

Lately, people have been reaching out for my advice in regards to starting their own businesses. I have been nothing but completely honest with them, and the biggest key take away from all of these conversations is the following statement, “If you aren’t in love with it, then it’s not worth it!” You must be so UNBELIEVABLY IN LOVE with what you are building, because it is that PASSION that will keep you going, and you must BELIEVE IN IT so much that QUITTING WILL NEVER BE AN OPTION.

When you are building a business, everything is trial and error especially during in the first few years. You will make some really great decisions and some really bad decisions. How you react to the result of those decisions will either make you or break you. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. I often look at it as if I’m on a wild roller coaster ride. At some points it’s slow, and at other times I am dropping at mach speed with my heart in my throat as I navigate all of the twists and turns trying to remain calm as the momentum continues to pick up. One second, I am holding on for dear life with my eyes closed praying to god that I will make it out alive, and the next I’m throwing my hands in the air and really enjoying the ride. The moment when you feel like you can start to breathe again is the scariest of all, because that is the very moment the wild roller coaster ride begins all over again. Truthfully, it never comes to a complete stop.

The last 3 weeks were probably the most challenging for me. I was unexpectedly told that my full-time long-term temporary position that I have been working in for almost 2 years was coming to an end. That night I met up with my old CEO to have a pow wow, which basically resulted in me crying out of pure frustration. I explained that I feel like I am constantly being tested and running head on into a brick wall over and over again. I just want to know when enough is enough already? He says, so quit! I looked at him like he was on crack. QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION! So, what are you going to do about it? I’ll figure it out! And just like that, I figured it out. Guess what I did… PIVOT!!! I swear I heard Ross Gellar screaming at me!

I needed to find a job that would give me the security that I need to continue to pay my bills, while building and funding this business completely on my own. I needed to restructure how this business works so that I could accept a full-time job without having TRAVEL SOULY interfere with my new job. All of this was VERY challenging! So much rethinking and restructuring, but in the end, I really do believe it’s all for the best. I feel great about all of the decisions I have made over the past few weeks, and I’m excited to see where this will lead for me and for the future of this business. I am so unbelievably in love with TRAVEL SOULY that my passion will always keep me going, and I will continue to make the necessary sacrifices needed while I build this company simply because QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION!