Secrets to Success...

What are the secrets to success? There aren’t any! Success is not something handed to you on a silver platter, nor does it happen overnight. Success is earned! It’s that simple!

Here are a few things that have helped me and continue to help me on this journey…

FAILING and FAILURE are not the same thing. In the beginning, everything is trial and error, and you will continuously fail. Simply use that as motivation to figure out a better way, and never give up! Failure is not an option!

Be willing to surrender to yourself completely. You need to be willing to motivate and discipline yourself, while putting everything else in your life on hold as you focus all of your energy on succeeding. Only make time for people, and things that truly matter in your life.

Hustle hard! The work never ends and you need to manage your time properly to ensure you are focusing on what matters most at that moment in time.

Love yourself unconditionally. You will be spending a lot of time with yourself. Be happy, stay positive, and build yourself up. Never knock yourself down. Zero tolerance for any negativity.

Live it, don’t just dream it! Totally immerse yourself. Visualize what you are building to the point where you actually see everything you are setting out to accomplish. Then make it happen!

Keep it real! Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, especially financially. The biggest mistake you can make is taking a risk that doesn’t pay off. Then instead of having the money to invest in yourself to get to the next level, you are stuck paying off that mistake, which can take a lot of valuable time.

Perception is everything! Don’t say yes to everyone who reaches out to collaborate. Make sure they are a good fit and you will not be negatively affected by their brand and messaging. Be your true authentic self at all times.

Be patient and trust that it’s all slowly coming together. When you question whether or not it will happen, take a little walk down memory lane and look at everything you have already accomplished. Then stop questioning yourself, and get back to doing what you do best… grind!

Appreciate the game changing moments! You will know these moments because they will bring uncontrollable tears of joy. Celebrate those moments when they become accomplishments, and not a moment before. You don’t want to jinx it.

You know nothing! Do not think for one second that you know it all. You don’t! Listen, observe, and learn. Take what you need, and throw away what you don’t.

Believe in yourself! No one else will believe in you until you actually succeed. Prove them wrong!

I recently read a quote that said, “At first they will ask you why you’re doing it. Later they will ask you how you did it.” When I first began talking about TRAVEL SOULY, I was surprised by the reactions of the people who mattered most to me. They did not believe in me at all. I could see the doubt in their eyes as they grilled me with question after question. I could hear their voice filled with a “she will never succeed” tone. You know the one, the high pitched “okaaaay” followed by the eye roll that completely shuts down the conversation. It’s funny to see how the tone of those conversations have shifted. I no longer see the doubt in their eyes. I have even received a few “I’m proud of you” comments, and that in itself makes the blood, sweat, and tears completely worth it!